Educational Facility Cleaning Atlanta

Educational Cleaning Services

Cleaning Atlanta believes that a clean and safe learning environment is the key to accelerating student success. Since 1995, Cleaning Atlanta has provided superior cleaning services to public and private schools across the Greater Metro Atlanta area. In the past twenty years, we’ve proven the effectiveness of our educational facility maintenance system.

Cleaning Atlanta Offers Educational Facility Services to All Types of Public and Private Facilities:

> K-12 School Cleaning Services

> Tutoring Center Cleaning Services

> College & University Cleaning Services

> Vocational & Technical School Cleaning Services

Cleaning Atlanta Eliminates Outbreaks Before They Break Out:


cleaning atlanta educational facility

Cleaning Atlanta’s Advanced Technology Eliminates Infectious Bacteria, Viruses, and Pollutants so Students Can Breathe Easy

It’s no secret that educational facilities are a hot-zone for toxic airborne viruses, bacteria, and germs due to the high traffic volume of students, teachers, parents, and administrative staff members on a daily basis. How do we handle such a big mess? Our eco-friendly GREEN Clean chemicals and high-tech HEPA vacuums allow us to fully sterilize every room to prevent allergy/asthma attacks and reduce the spread of infectious bacteria. The health and safety of students and faculty members depends on the disinfection of all rooms from top to bottom. No worries, we’re here to help!

The Educational Facility Cleaning Services Program Targets Every Inch of Campus Including But Not Limited To:

> Classrooms

> Restrooms

> Cafeterias

> Gymnasiums

> Faculty Break Areas

> Utility Storage Rooms

> Auditoriums

> And Much More!

Why Should Your Educational Facility Choose Cleaning Atlanta?

> The Best Cleaning Services at the Best Price: Every educational department is looking for ways to save more money on their budgeted expenses. Cleaning Atlanta offers janitorial staffing solutions for every budget without sacrificing the integrity, quality, or efficiency of our customer service.  If a client feels unsatisfied with our cleaning results, we will come back to correct any errors free of charge! That’s the Cleaning Atlanta difference. We even offer free estimates for regular cleaning services, so you aren’t burdened with any upfront service charges before your contract begins.

> Trusted Technicians:  Your facility can rest assured that Cleaning Atlanta only allows the most secure personnel through your doors. We perform frequent background checks through MicroBilt and E-Verify on every custodial staff member to guarantee the safety of all  students and faculty members in our care. These screening tools alert us of any felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, convictions, traffic violations, and/or incarcerations an applicant may have.

> No Worries: In addition to a flawless background check, all of our staff is licensed, bonded, and insured in order to protect your interests in the rare case of an accidental injury or any equipment mismanagement.

> Saving Time &  Money: Our Chronotek Advanced Telephone Time Keeping tool allows us to know who is clocked in, where our staff is working, and when they arrived and/or left your facility. You can be confident in the fact that you are paying only for the hours being worked, and not a penny more.

> GREEN Cleaning Techniques: A healthy and safe classroom environment should be the choice and right for all educational facilities. Cleaning Atlanta harnesses the power of EnvirOx cleaning chemical solution for heavy duty cleaning on all surfaces without polluting the air where you work and play. They are also biodegradable, renewable, low pH, and non-asthmogenic, so that you can breathe easy while reducing resource waste.

>  24/7 Availability: Our Staff will clean on your schedule, not the other way around. Cleaning Atlanta provides a flexible schedule based on your specific recommendations and needs. If you ever need customer support, our representatives are standing by 24/7 to address your concerns.