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Medical Cleaning Services

Our Medical Cleaning program is designed for Hygienic Cleaning that eliminates the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases.  We specialize in advanced Medical Office Cleaning protocols and tools that help Healthcare Facilities and clinics meet mandatory cleaning regulations. Our state-of-the-art aseptic Medical Cleaning Service helps reduce the spread of hazardous microorganisms that cause infections and diseases in medical offices, clinics,  large hospitals,  and other Health Care Treatment Centers.   

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Aseptic Cleaning Guarantees a Safe Environment Free of Hazardous Microorganisms

At Cleaning Atlanta, we pride ourselves on respecting the privacy and confidentiality of all of our clients’ medical facilities because your patients deserve to have a professional cleaning service they can trust. Our staff is rigorously trained and certified in all aspects of medical cleaning procedures, including:

> Terminal Cleaning

> Blood Borne Pathogens

> Hazardous Biological/Chemical Waste Materials

> Personal Protective Equipment

> Bio Recovery Services

> And much more!

The Cleaning Atlanta Medical Cleaning Services Staff is regularly offered hepatitis A & B vaccinations to ensure the protection of your facility’s health environment.

Cleaning Atlanta maintains 100% compliance with all state, federal, and local legal procedures and provides advanced training on:

OSHA Safety Training for Medical Services

National Safety Council Blood-Borne Pathogen Program

American Red Cross HIV/AIDS programs

Center for Disease Control Disinfection Chemistry

 > Aseptic Environment Cleaning

Standard MicroBiology

Medical Personnel Protective Equipment Guidelines