Office Cleaning Atlanta

Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning Atlanta provides professional office cleaning service solutions for large and small office spaces. With more than 15 years of experience serving private and corporate facilities we have reputable experience for providing quality, timely results while respecting the privacy and customized needs of our clients. Cleaning Atlanta allows clients to save time and money with our Advanced Telephone Time Keeping System and unparalleled scheduling flexibility. Our Staff is highly trained and thoroughly screened to guarantee that your company’s office cleaning services is in the safest hands. Contact us today to see how Cleaning Atlanta can help your office outshine expectations. 


Office Cleaning Atlanta Services include, but are not limited to:

General Office Cleaning Services:

> Sweep/Vacuum/Mopping Floors

> Dust/Clean/Swipe All Furniture and Surfaces

> Clean and Vacuum Chairs

> Sanitizing Office Equipment

> Cleaning fingerprints on glass/railings/furniture/doors/handles/computers

> Artificial Plant Care

> Cleaning Stainless Steel Surfaces

> Trash Disposal and Trash Can Sanitation

> Wipe smudges from erase boards

> Wiping and Dusting Cabinets/Shelving/Doors

> Dusting Ceiling Vents

> Cleaning Light Fixtures

> Cleaning Windows and Picture Frames

> Rug Cleaning

Bathroom Office Cleaning Services:

> Mopping and Sweeping

> Sanitizing Sinks/Toilets/ Soap Dispensers/Trash

> Mirror Cleaning

> Dusting/Wiping Frames and Decorations

> Changing Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Dispensers

> Removing Water Marks

Flooring Office Cleaning Services:

> Buffing/Stripping/Waxing Floors

> VCT Tile Cleaning

> Linoleum Cleaning

> Ceramic Tile Cleaning

> Window Cleaning

> Carpet Care Cleaning